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About us

In 2011, Hubbub Theatre’s Artistic Director, Jen Sumner, identified a need and desire for an inclusive theatre company for Derby. There was a clear vision: create fully integrated theatre with learning disabled, autistic and/or neurodivergent actors and performers of the highest possible quality.

“As experts in their field, there is a real resource in Jen and her team to whom we can turn to for advice”

Sarah Brigham
CEO & Artistic Director, Derby Theatre


Devised as part of the 2012 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony in Derby, Village Green Antics was our first devised performance. It went on to tour five festivals across the East Midlands from 2013-2016, becoming the launchpad for who and what we are now: Hubbub Theatre Company.

On the map, in both the city and the region, we were able to bridge the vast gap for sustainable, high quality, creative provision for the learning disabled, autistic and/or neurodivergent community aged 18+. At the time, we were one of the only providers of this kind of theatre/drama experience for our community in the East Midlands, particularly for those hoping to find work and purpose in the arts.

Over ten years on, our company and community have grown. Three of our founding members of The Company – our professional actors and performers who meet twice weekly – still attend today. Two now lead and co-facilitate our Actor Training programme and one is a core member of our Hub community group. The Hubbub Way, our uniquely designed, fully integrated training methodology is taught by members of the Hubbub team alongside members of The Company. Members of The Company are represented on our board, co-direct our performances, community sessions and programme. We have been able to develop a framework that supports a fully integrated organisation leading the way in co-working and co-leadership.

Touring the East Midlands and creating work showed us there was more we could do and we have since created a number of original, touring, indoor and outdoor productions. ‘Kessoku’ and ‘Kessoku Remix’ were presented at our home, Déda, before visiting Attenborough Arts Centre and Leicester Curve. Our street theatre performances: ‘The (Not So Quiet) Revolution of Kindness’ and ‘One Moon’ have both been shared at international arts festival, Derby Feste.

about our history

Beyond our Village Green Antics

In 2017 we launched our Actor Training Programme, profiled in the national research project Separate Doors. Endorsed by Derby Theatre and Déda, the training began with trainees taking part in masterclasses and research and development with industry experts from Circomedia, Can’t Sit Still, Gecko and Told by an Idiot.

We continue to collaborate with these companies, including making the short film ‘Come With Me Sunshine’ with Told By An Idiot in 2019, and one of our actors went on to feature in two films for their professional film project ‘Seven Deadly Idiots’ debuting in 2022.

Working with a wide range of creative organisations and partners, our aim is to ensure that Learning Disabled Neurodivergent and/or Austic individuals can pursue their aspirations further.

Throughout 2022, we developed ‘The Drum’ for outdoor performance. We began creation of the piece in 2019 and found a way to continue throughout 2020-21 with our roaming Agents of Kindness chorus, inspiring random acts of kindness in lockdown and beyond!

What’s next for us? Lots of exciting things. Join our mailing list to keep in touch.

Our Team

The Hubbub team is made up of highly experienced people bringing unique skills and personality to the team. Some of our team have been here since day one, other’s more recently joining, everyone committed to collaborative, creative and open hearted working.

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Associate Artists

We’re a highly professional group with creativity and kindness at the heart of our practice. We work with a number of talented artists, facilitators and practitioners with whom we’ve built relationships over the years.

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Board and Leadership Team

Ally Companies

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