By: Karla Jones On: February 04, 2022 In: News Comments: 0

Leaving the board but remaining a lifelong friend

Today I reflect back on three years as Chair of the Board of Trustees for Hubbub Theatre Company. It’s been an amazing journey where I have learned a lot. A lot about a lot actually.

I learned about good governance and chairing a charity, risk management and human resources, decision-making, fundraising and being a trustee during a pandemic – all the usual stuff (except the last point of course!)

Now for the extraordinary stuff… I have worked with many amazing people whose talent, commitment, integrity, and kindness has makes my heart sing.

Hubbub Theatre Company is made up of those people and my experience as a trustee will stay with me forever.

During my time as chair I have seen the company grow and develop exponentially, despite having been through the pandemic. This has been due to the strong staff team working alongside their enormously talented and courageous Artistic Director, Jen Sumner.

Jen and I clicked immediately, from the first moment that she shared with me her vision for an Integrated Theatre Company eleven years ago, to today where we see each other as a valued friends and allies, with the company on the cusp of their 10th anniversary year.

It’s been hard to let go, but I am going with the memories of many fantastic board meetings, Hubbub club nights, parties, performances (indoor and outdoor), conferences, workshops and sharings as well as walking meetings through woodland and wellbeing sessions online.

I wish the new Chair, Jenni Grainger every success in her new role and the Vice Chair, Dr Victoria Barker in hers, and most of all I wish Hubbub Theatre Company every success in its next Chapter, which I know is already shaping-up to be very very exciting!

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