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Hetty Hex

What is Hetty?

Hetty is a 12m Hexagonal Marquee suitable for events, performances, workshops, social events and more. It’s a flexible, functional, great looking and durable structure.

In 2021, we invested in our very own touring theatre tent, Hetty Hex. Hetty is a hexagonal tent and she has allowed us to take The Drum on tour to a number of parks and garden’s in the region.

In Hetty, we can create an inclusive, inviting, safe, fun and engaging world for our company and audience. We can perform, we can party, we can enjoy quiet time, we can craft. Hetty has given us the freedom to share our world with audiences new and old.

Hetty is also available for hire. If you have an event and site in mind, we can work with you to discuss your needs, and create a competitive quote for getting Hetty to you, putting the structure up in a safe manner, and taking it away after the event. We have some great rates available for charities, and cultural organisations. Contact [email protected]


Hetty at a wedding! 

Hetty Hex is an anodised aluminium boltless structure, covered with a hexagonal pagoda style canopy. With no central poles, the internal space gives uninterrupted layout options. The sides can be on or off, depending on weather and requirements, to give either an open cover, or enclosed venue (or a hybrid set up).

Side walls are attached with Velcro, ties and floor bars. The structure is secured by a standard number of 24x 750mm ground stakes; 3 per foot plate; 1 per each tensioning strap x 12. The overall structure measures 12.19m x 10.56m x 6.6m.

The structure’s design capacity from manufacturer’s guidelines is for 94 people seated at round tables, The calculated area from given sizes is 96.5m2. Allowing for the loss of 500mm across each side due to the frame, the capacity is recalculated at 86.6m2.

From a per person capacity of 0.5m2 a maximum of occupancy of 173 could be used, with no obstructions or equipment. On an assumption of 20m2 being used for performance space, the calculated capacity is: 86.6m2 – 20m2 = 66.6m2 / 0.5m2 = 133 People

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