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Well, a lot of big paper has been doodled on and a lot of ideas have been bantered….. we have also drunk a lot of tea and eaten to many biscuits!!!

We set off on a group outing today to a local bargain store and ‘found our style’ in flowers, bees , kitchen whisks and paraphernalia of orange and lime green colour! Andy and Emma carried on into central Derby bargain stores and came back with many potential treasures!
AJ joined us today and it was great to have him with us. He, almost literally, threw himself into the games, balancing and devising work – he was great! We played with ideas for various village games  – egg and spoon races, welly-wanging, obstacle races…. it is all beginning to come together….

Looking forward to more of our company joining us tomorrow and a visit from Charity Shop DJ!


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