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One Moon – A Human Wave of Connection

Celebrating our City’s diversity

What’s it about?

Artistic Director Jen Sumner was invited to choreograph One Moon, for the 2019 Derby Festé, a unique commission to celebrate the diversity of the city.

Over 500 people from across Derby gathered to create a human wave in a once in a life time event. Accompanied by movement, circus and beautiful music the spectacular human chain connected the Museum of the Moon at Derby Cathedral to the River Derwent through Cathedral Green.

One Moon reminds us that, no matter who we are and where we come from, we live together as human beings on one planet under one moon. We are all part of the unbreakable connection between the moon, tides and humanity.

Production Moon

“Such a great concept for a performance. I really enjoyed it. No better time than now to stop, lift our heads and connect with others on a human level”

One Moon Parade walking towards Cathedral Green Photo by Silviya Chovanska scaled

Where can we see it?

This show is not currently available to book.

For more information please email [email protected]

Who was on
the team?

Production Moon 1

Creative Team

Rob Buxton
Emily Concannon
Amy Croft
Rachel Gilmour-Jones
Laura Gotheridge

Laura Ryder
Tom Shelton
Bharat Singh
Bethany Smith
Madeleine Hudson
Izzy Noake

Production Team

Alex Camilleri
Bob Rushton
Emily Concannon
Karla Jones
Orla O’Connor
Simon Marshall
Stevie Dunn
Ian Pringle
Julian Butt

Photography: Silviya Chovanska
Volunteer Support:

Musicians: Tadeusz Palosz & Fran Loze

Drummers led by Jude Finlay & BeetFeet

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Production Shots

Project Funders

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