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The Agents of Kindness

Would you like to change the world one small act of kindness at a time? 

“Spectacular, fun and life affirming, don’t miss it!”

Audience member

What’s it about?

Agents of Kindness are at work in the world, looking for places where kindness is needed. We believe that if everyone passed on one small act of kindness then we genuinely could change the world. 

Agents of Kindness, in true Hubbub style, are physical, use very few words and are accompanied by engaging original music and sound. Our company of trained and experienced learning disabled, autistic and/or neurodivergent performers bring these characters to life with genuine warmth & generosity.  

We are kind to ourselves, each other and the planet. 

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Production Agents 1

“I’d 100% recommend this to families, children, students…it is really for everybody”

Audience member of ‘The Drum’

Where can we see it?

Agents of Kindness are coming back for Summer 2024. More details to follow soon!


Hubbub can offer your event an ensemble of roaming Agents of Kindness who bring smiles and connection to your communities through fun and playful interactions. 

The ensemble can range from 3 – 15 performers. (4-6 is good) it could also be expanded if some of your community wanted to train and become community members of the Agents of Kindness team. 

If you’d like to book the show for your festival or venue, please email: [email protected]

Production Drum 2

The piece was co-created by our Learning Disabled, Autistic and/or Neurodivergent company members, with support from The Edward Gostling Foundation, Derby Feste, Déda, Reimagine, Derby City Council and our wonderful Hubbub community.

For more information please email [email protected]

Who's on
the team?

Production Agents 2

Creative Team

Amy Crofts
Anna Brooks
Bethany Smith
Bharat Singh
Inês Sampaio Figueiredo
Jen Sumner
Jennifer Kay
Jo May

Laura Gotheridge
Laura Ryder
Matthew Schoonerwoerde
Rachel Gilmour-Jones
Robert Buxton
Tom Shelton

Production Team

Alex Camilleri
Bob Rushton
Emily Concannon
Karla Jones
Orla O’Connor
Simon Marshall
Stevie Dunn
Ian Pringle
Julian Butt

Photography: Chris Webb
Film: Luke Galloway
Design: Maria Terry and Nikki Charlesworth
Volunteer Support: Caroline Astell-Burt, Esme Eyre, Chiara Fappiano

With thanks to: Helen Baggett of Gecko Theatre and Chris Yarnell of The Outbound project, as amazing partners in the Research and Development phase of this work. Plus Madeleine Hudson who supported the Research & Development phase and Maria Terry for her initial designs & making.

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Production Shots

Project Funders

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