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Thank you to everyone who filled in a form or spoke on film about Kessoku – your feedback is so valuable to us…. here are a few lovely words that audience members wrote down for us…


Terrific show – well done! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance – simply magical! Lovely to see an audience so spellbound from 2 years old up to 80. I think the blend of live music and shadow play worked particularly well as did the pacing of the 3 stories – 50 minutes sped by. Congratulations to all of your cast for really great performances – it was a model of best practice in enabling everyone to play to their strengths to enrich the audience experience and above all clearly have fun doing it!  (Michaela Butter – Embrace Arts)

Beautifully produced, loved the mix of shadow puppets, music, comedy, storytelling… so well synced with the music… a wonderful show… loved the way the disabled cast were central…’ (First Movement)

I loved how music, dance and drama was interlinked so effortlessly – everyone had a chance to shine (Moving Together)

Very good theatre craft. Fantastic music and such talented performers and imagery. (Inspirative Arts)


I did not know ahead of the performance anything about it. I was absolutely delighted by the enthusiasm and skill and the absolute inclusivity I saw. Thank you.

Excellent show full of great comedy, energy and showed dedication from everyone

I loved the integrated arts and how it was so unusual. All the different materials and instruments blended in amazingly. How much the performers enjoyed the show was incredible.


I loved the atmosphere set whilst we were coming into the theatre and it was visually stunning. Also, each person’s strengths really showed.

It was wonderful, creative and fun!






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