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Week 2 of rehearsals

What a wonderful day we had today! The whole company was together at Deda for our first day in an intensive week of chereography and composing…

Laura just learned everything so quickly and, like a duck to water, jumped into the whole thing… brilliant Laura!

Matt continued to develop the musical which is a wonderful mixture of well-known English tunes and Matt’s unique and delightful sounds made with all sorts of instruments and objects…

Andy and Emma had a major shopping spree and the costumes are really coming together…. now why aren’t there lime green trousers out there??? Anyone ???
Cat continued to turn herself upside down at every possible moment and Holly was up the  air more times than her feet touched the floor! Amy and AJ developed their circus and slow-motion skills even more and are making incredible progress. Holly B is getting ready for the arrival of her loud-speaker for the race announcements, but manages to keep everyone in line quite well without it! And Nikki and Steph managed to upstage the lot of us with their new characters, supposed to be ‘supporting acts’ but actually very funny and eye-catching… watch out for the PE teachers everyone!!!

Thanks to Fi Burke who began filming today… she always does a wonderful job and we can’t wait to see what she puts together for us….

Ian also popped in at lunchtime and had a quick play on the xylophone as he will be a new member of Matt’s band, performing live for the show…

So, if you haven’t got the date in your diary yet.. pop it in.. Sunday 9th Sep, Derby Market Place, 4 – 8pm….. Hubbub Theatre Company are on the Village Green Stage (Waterfall) at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm….. you won’t be able to miss the  build up as the ‘Clown Powered Vehicle’ travels across the square to our performance space!


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